There are an infinite number of brick fence designs and variations but these are some basic styles to refer to when choosing your brick fence.

1. How long is the brick fence?
2. How high is the brick fence?
3. Single or double brick (or concrete blocks used when a rendered finish is requested)?
4. Heritage style solid bricks or modern extruded bricks (wire cut bricks with holes)
5. How many piers do you want?
6. What are the pier dimensions? (choose from below)

Brick Pier Dimensions
Brick Pier Dimensions

Block Pier/Wall Configurations
Block Pier Wall Configurations

7. What kind of pier caps would you like?

Mitre cut brick pier caps
(for extruded bricks to hide the holes).

Reconstituted sandstone pier caps available in several shapes and sizes and can be used with solid or extruded brick piers or concrete block piers.
Genuine sandstone pier caps can be used but designs are more limited to simple shapes with a choice of sawn, split or rock face finishes.

8. How high would you like the piers to be?
9. What style fence panels would you like?

Powder Coated Aluminium Slats/Pickets, Infills & Gates

Timber Slats/Pickets, Infills & Gates

Tubular Fencing infills & Gates

10. Would you like a pedestrian gate in the same style?
11. Would you like an auto-sliding gate in the same style?