The following brick pier configurations can be incorporated with either single or double brick fences. A general rule of thumb when selecting pier sizes is, the bigger the property, the bigger the piers should be. This is to keep the fence to an appropriate scale that compliments the building. The smaller pier configurations are suitable for the smaller terraces and semis around inner Sydney. The mid range pier sizes are suited to detached houses and small blocks of units. The larger sized piers would be reserved for larger dwellings and blocks of units with a wide frontage. 

We can finish the piers off at the top in several ways. Moulded pier caps are made for all brick pier dimensions and come in the following shapes: PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4 as shown here.

Flat sandstone pier caps are also popular and come with a rock faced edge or sawn and come in different thicknesses: 50mm 75mm 100mm.

Pier caps can also be formed using bricks. When solid dry pressed bricks are being used, it’s common to simply lay the brick on edge to form a pier cap. However, when using extruded bricks (bricks with holes) it must be done in a way that hides the holes. This involves a series of mitre cuts carried out using a brick saw. There is a bit of extra labour and cost involved but the final results look great.