We specialise in building reinforced concrete block retaining walls. The following diagrams show the two types of walls we offer. Both types work by using a cantilever principle and each type is suitable under different circumstances.

Type 1

This design is used when the entire structure, including the footing has to be kept behind the face of the retaining wall. These circumstances are very common, usually when a private property ajoins a council property e.g. a front fence when the garden is higher than the public footpath. Unfortunately, this design requires more earth moving than type 2 designs and therefore cost a bit more.

Retaining wall type 1

Type 2

This design is most commonly used where two properties benefit from the retaining wall e.g. a dividing fence. In this case, the property owner on the lower side might agree to have the toe of the footing on their property where it can be poured below ground level and turfed over or it can be utilized and double as a footpath down the side of a house for example.

Retaining wall type 2