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If your search included: Retaining Walls, Sydney, Bricklayer, Brick Fences, Garden, Walls, then you have come to the right place. We are Sydney Bricklayers that offer a complete service including design, demolition, footings, construction, repairs and rendering.

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Ace of Blades turns a concept into a reality.

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If you searched for retaining walls Sydney or brick fencing Sydney you have come to the right place. Ace of Blades has an extensive set of trade skills minimising the need for clients to obtain numerous quotes for different stages of construction and allowing for an efficient overall project management.

Retaining Walls Sydney

Retaining Wall Designs

There are several building techniques that can be used to achieve a structurally sound retaining wall. Each of these designs are suited to a certain situation or type of soil. More

Brick Fences Sydney

Brick Fence Designs

There are an infinite number of brick fence designs and variations but these are some basic styles to refer to when choosing your brick fence. More