Ace of Blades specialise in building brick fences in Sydney, so if you want to build a brick fence to define your boundaries with the solid qualities that brick fencing brings, you have come to the right place. We can produce any style of brick fence you can think of.

Ace of Blades can help you by suggesting some brick fence designs to suit your property, your taste and your budget. There are plenty of things to consider here such as:

Which bond you like? English Bond, Flemish bond or Stretcher Bond for example.
Does the land slope? Should the wall step down or be ‘cut in’ to follow the lay of the land?
What about piers/columns? The dimensions and spacing of piers should be in proportion to the wall.
Brick matching? Ace of Blades have extensive experience in matching bricks to existing structures. However it should be noted that colour changes can occur in different batches and the colours in new bricks are more uniform than some of the older bricks.
Cement Render? Do you like a more contemporary style wall with straight lines and cement render?

If you would like a rendered brick fence, it is usually more cost effective to build a block fence. Block fences are steel reinforced and core filled with concrete, which adds strength and durability. If a timber or colorbond fence is to be erected along the top of the wall, or between the piers, the hollow cores of a besser block fence are ideal to accommodate galvanised fence posts. When core filling the block wall, the chosen cores can be left empty for the desired depth allowing them to double as convenient post holes for the fence.

If you were thinking about a stone cladding, then a block wall would make the best substrate for this also.

Designer Blocks? There’s a wide range of Designer Blocks available that give a stylish finish without the added cost of cement render.
Why not incorporate some planter boxes. This is a great way to add some life to a wall.
If you are looking for that rustic look, have you considered using recycled bricks?
Curved walls look very attractive too!

Ace of Blades service the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and the Inner West Suburbs of Sydney.

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