To build a retaining wall that will stand the test of time, Ace of Blades can provide a retaining wall design that will comply with AS4455, AS1302,AS3600,AS3700 Ace of Blades use Boral masonry blocks and build to their design guide which can be found here.

Retaining wall construction by Ace of Blades is carried out according to these guide lines which are presented by Boral as a reference for engineers. Many Sydney retaining walls that were built in the past have inadequate structural design, drainage and footings. It is a common sight to see retaining walls in Sydney that need repairing or replacing. In most cases it is necessary to replace a damaged wall with a new retaining wall, which is built correctly. Brick retaining walls are not recommended for heights exceeding 1m for structural reasons and cost. If the desired finish is brick, then it is more cost effective to build a reinforced concrete retaining wall behind a brick façade. If you need to replace a retaining wall or build a new retaining wall choose Ace of Blades to carry out the project from start to finish. We offer: an appropriate retaining wall design, excavation, concrete footings and retaining wall construction. There is a wide range of designer blocks available with different texture and colour here.

Alternatively, you might prefer a brick façade or a cement rendered retaining wall.

If a timber or colorbond fence is to be erected along the top of the retaining wall, the hollow cores of a besser block retaining wall are ideal to accommodate galvanised fence posts. When core filling the block wall, the chosen cores can be left empty for the desired depth allowing them to double as convenient post holes for the fence.

Ace of Blades build retaining walls in Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and the Inner West Suburbs of Sydney.