Ace Of Blades specialise in retaining walls in Sydney. We are licenced bricklaying contractors with, by far, the most experience in retaining wall construction in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Inner West.

We have a distinct advantage over our competitors in this area to provide new or replacement retaining walls in Sydney at a competitive price for a number of reasons. Our shear experience in this field is probably our biggest asset with virtually every job we do being a retaining wall demolition and rebuild. We have a larger skill set than most ordinary bricklaying contractors that allows us to undertake all of the necessary parts of the job including:

  • Advice on appropriate retaining wall designs for particular situations.
  • Referral to certified engineers that we work closely with for plans and engineering details.
  • Demolition of unsafe structures.
  • Excavation by machine or hand including piling with our very own designed auger. See video.
  • Core drilling and grouting/epoxy setting reinforcing bars into bedrock.
  • Shoring techniques
  • Steel reinforcing placement.
  • Concrete footings and formwork.
  • Retaining wall construction and advice on the wide range of blocks available.
  • Waterproofing membranes, drainage cells, ag pipes.
  • Cement rendering, stone cladding and brick facades.
  • Fence installations on top of our retaining walls by setting galvanised posts into the wall during construction.